Spring onion butter

Charred Spring Onion and Chilli Butter

As a private chef you learn a few tricks. One being – the makings of the perfect, quick, dinner start with good pantry preparation. I know, that does sound contradictory, but hear me out. Pickles, condiments and flavoured butters can turn a simple plate of veggies and grains into something really special. Flavoured butters, in particular, are really under rated. They are super simple to make and keep for months in the freezer. The fat content means the light freshness of summer herbs or the earthy, citrus notes of winter are at your disposal year round.

I made this one on a whim, wanting to test out a portable gas burner I bought for my private chef work. While the gas burner turned out to be a bit of a health hazard (and got returned), the butter was delicious. I suspect it will be even better made over coals, so pop a few spring onions and chilli onto your next braai, before the marshmallows get whipped out.

Need a few serving ideas?

  • Stir it through pasta with mounds of parmesan cheese
  • Pop it on your resting steak, hot from the pan
  • Serve spooned over green veggies or corn and allow to melt




200g soft salted butter

Half a lemon or lime

5 spring onions

1-2 Chillies

1 Garlic



Firstly trim your spring onion just above the light green area where the tops start to turn from light green to dark green. Light your gas burner and place a cooling rack over the flame. Place your spring onions and chilli onto the rack and cook until nicely blackened. Remove them from the heat and allow to cool.

Alternatively you can heat your oven to grill on the highest temp and place the spring onions and chilli on a baking tray on the middle level of the oven. Keep an eye on the veg, turning often until dark and charred.

Trim the root end off your spring onion and remove the seeds from your chilli. Before proceeding taste a bit of your chilli to gauge the heat. If you think its insanely hot, leave some of the chilli out. You can always add a bit more in later. Add the soft butter to a bowl. Grate the garlic and add it to the butter. Chop the spring onion and chilli together until they become a fine paste. Add this to your butter and mix everything together.

Chef Tip: If you have a food processor add the soft butter, garlic, charred spring onion and chilli and blend until combined.

Add a squeeze of lemon or lime, salt and pepper to taste. Pop the butter in a container and freeze until needed.

Chef Tip: I like to pop my butter into cling wrap and roll it into a sausage. I pop this into the fridge to firm up. Once firm I slice the sausage into manageable pieces, roll it back up in the cling film and freeze. This way I can easily pull out a medallion of butter when I need one, without hacking at a mass of frozen butter.

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